The provincial capital, also called Camagüey has the largest and best preserved historic centre of the island which is also a UNESCO World Weritage site since 2008.

Cuba’s largest province, but least populated, Camagüey is located in the centre of the island.
From its labyrinth of cobblestone streets full of decorative “tinajones” (earthenware jars used to collect water rain) to the facades with housecoats and pilasters, windows with beautiful grilles, houses with one way roofs and several churches of the colonial times, Camaguey is definitely a Cuban experience to live as the city and its region will make you live the island’s colonial atmosphere.
The region of Camaguey ends into the Caribbean Sea where on the North side there’s the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago which includes the famous beach of Santa Lucia and to the South where lays The Jardines de la Reina Archipelago.
For wilderness lovers we suggest a visit to Cayo Romano that with its mangrove swamps host a colony of approximately 30,000 flamingos