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The provincial capital, also called Camagüey has the largest and best preserved historic centre of the island which is also a UNESCO World Weritage site since 2008. Cuba’s largest province, but least populated, Camagüey is located in the centre of the island.From its labyrinth of cobblestone streets full of [...]

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city of the island, built at the foothills of the legendary Sierra Maestra, is the most Caribbean city of Cuba. The renowned and unique Carnival, the Festival del Caribe and Fiesta del Fuego, the music and the traditions are all expressions of its [...]


200 km away from Santiago de Cuba, located in the Guantanamo province, laid along Miel Bay, Baracoa is the first city of the Spanish colonization’s era. The road that today connects Baracoa to the rest of the province called “Carretera de La Farola” is pride of the Cuban engineering.This [...]