Santa Lucía, on the northern coast of Camagüey Province, is a wide sandy beach, 21 km long. It’s an intimate beach destination very close to one of the world’s largest barrier reefs.

Santa Lucia with more than 35 dive sites, represents a great diving location, especially for wrecks divers.

Some of the shipwrecks are dated 19th century. The rest of these sunken ship attract an amazing tropical and colorful marine life. The region around Santa Lucia has many interesting places to visit like “Laguna El Real” where is possible to see Roseate Flamingos. The capital of the region, Camaguey city, has one of the major Historical Centers in the Island declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, is only 90 minutes away by car.
Not far from this wonderful and quite location there’s Cayo Sabinal, another intimate beach that once was used by the pirates as refuge. On this cayo there’s the tallest and oldest working lighthouses of Cuba, “Faro Colon” which shines onto Bahamas Old Channels. Further along the coast on Cayo Sabinal is the fortress of San Hilario that served as a fortified tower against the pirates attack, during the Spanish colonization.