Experience International is a company providing Destination Management Services. The Company is registered to The Company Register into the Republic of Malta (EC) with registration number C49593.The following Terms & Conditions are regulated in accordance with the Law and Jurisdiction of the registration Country.

Please read this document carefully as it constitutes a contract (written and/or verbal).

The products and services sold by The Company are regulated and subject to the following conditions unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

The Parties:

• Experience International Limited and/or its brand “Experience Cuba”; hereafter referred to as “ Company “; “ We ”; “ Our ” and “ Us ” and The Client hereafter referred to as “ Agent “ and/or “ Tour Operator ”; “ You ”; “ Your ”;

1. Booking Condition and Confirmation.

No booking is to be considered confirmed unless so communicated by a member of our staff via e-mail with attached the Service Booking Confirmation statement (SBC)The Agent agrees that the SBC constitutes a written agreement between the parties.By mean of payments The Agent agrees and accepts these Terms & Conditions.Any error or discrepancy of booked services and/or relative tariffs, found in the SBC must be referred within 7 (seven) days time to our office, via e-mail. After such period of time all services will be considered “as requested” by The Agent and no claim will be accepted later on.

2. Currency for quotation and rates

All our rates are quoted in USD ($). The SBC (Service Booking Confirmation) will show the total amounts in USD ($) and the equivalent in EUR (€). The amount in EUR (€) will be calculated at the date of the SBC (when the SBC is sent to The Agent)

3. Terms of Payments

Payments are accepted only in EUR (€) and in no other currency and are to be made through a (SWIFT – SEPA) Bank Transfer.This is to be effected:

• 10 days prior the date of first service/s contracted on the SBC during the low season

• 21 days prior the date of first service/s contracted on the SBC the high season

The Bank details for the payment of the services will be indicated on the SBC. The Company does not accept payments through Western Union, Moneygram, PayPal, Noches and any other electronic payment system and/or somehow connected and/or belonging to USA. In any case The Company will not be responsible for blocked or rejected payments not effected through Bank Transfers. The Agent acknowledges that failure to pay contracted services within the specified terms may cause the cancelation of the services and release of the reservations. Furthermore, The Company will have the right to inform the travellers of the cancellation of their services and relative reasons.

4. Clients travel documents and Visa

The clients travellers are the only responsible for the following travel documentation:

• Visa – All travellers to Cuba must be in possession of a regular Tourist Visa Cards. These can be obtained through the Embassy of Cuba or through Us.

• Passport – It’s mandatory to have a passport with at least 6 months of validity otherwise Visa may be refused from the Authority. The Company will not be responsible In case of cancellation due to visa issues and penalty will apply as per Section 6.Cancellation Policy of this Terms & Conditions.

Medical Insurance – All travellers must issue a proper Medical Insurance prior to commence the Tour, in order to cover any health issues. The Company will not be responsible for any medical health expenses occurred to travellers.

5. Vouchers

The Company will deliver the Vouchers of the contracted services directly to the traveller upon their arrival at the airport. Otherwise the Vouchers will be found at the hotel or sent to The Agent by e-mail (according to the type of services contracted).

6. Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellation should be made via e-mail and addressed to our booking office as soon as possible. Penalty for cancellation will apply according to the following terms prior to the travel date:

• Up to 30 days prior to travel date: No penalty charge

• Between 29 and 15 days prior to travel date: 20% of the total cost of the tour

• Between 14 and 8 days prior to travel date: 50% of the total cost of the tour

• Between 7 and 0 days prior to travel date: No refund

• No show: No refund

• Casas Particulares reservations will be refunded only if cancelled 30 days or more from the Check In date. All Reservations confirmed after such period of time (regardless the date of enquiry) will not be refunded.

In any case of the above the Handling Fee will not be refunded.

7. Third Party Liability

The Company will not be responsible for any services booked by The Agent and/or the traveller through third parties, even though these are part of a package including other services booked through us.

8. Claims & Refunds

It’s Company aim to provide the best delivery of services to all our customers. Should any inconvenient or irregularity

in delivering services, unfortunately occur, we kindly request to report this to our representative ASAP, who will immediately act to solve any irregularity on the spot. Although The Company is not to be considered as the direct supplier of the services, It guarantees to all customers all the best and reasonable efforts, acting as intermediary to present any claim to the direct and responsible local supplier.

Any irregularities suffered by the customer is to be submitted through The Agent within 14 days after travellers return back home, to The Company office. If any refund will exist, the amount of it will be considered as credit to be used by The Agent for future bookings with Us.

9. Force Majeure

During the term of this agreement, neither party shall be responsible for any minor or major issues, delays, cancelation, undelivered services, caused by any events beyond reasonable control, included but not limited to:

Acts of God, natural and/or weather disaster, bankruptcy of a vendor, local labors strikes, civil and/or military insurrection.